Tuesday, September 20, 2011

12w Sequential Screening Test for Down Syndrome & More:

I went and had the ultrasound and blood work done to test for Down Syndrome and other things that can be detected. I chose the ultrasound, because  it was another way to get a look at the babies and see if they were still going good. Jason went with me!! The babies were soooo cute! One was kicking and moving around, and the other had hiccups. It was so cool to see. The ultrasound tech looked a lot like Mina Suvari, she wasn't a good picture taker. There was an understudy in there too. Full bladders are awful!!! I swear I almost peed myself a handful of times sitting there! The babies were cooperative though, thankfully.
I borrowed a scanner from my ex and will put their pictures up shortly.

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