Tuesday, August 30, 2011

11 Week Update:

How Far Along: 11 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Actually since becoming pregnant, I have lost 6.6 pounds
(documented here: Kate's Weight )
Maternity Clothes: None yet, my old clothes still fit but I can tell something is there
Best Moment this week: so far, not being sick! My boyfriend's banking on overtime!
Gender: too early to tell, but tales say the different heartbeats could be indicative of a girl and a boy. They also say with them being in their own separate sac, it's more common to have a boy and girl.
Do you plan on finding out the gender: I never wanted to with a singleton, but yes I want to, to be better prepared with twins.
Food Craving: this week, not too much, it was Ranch dressing that stayed UNFULFILLED because it has raw egg in it. But anything fatty and greasy I drool over. I discovered dipping my fries in Russian dressing= AWESOME! Fruit, juice, pizza, veggies. 
What I miss: My boyfriend's drink, it has aspartame in it so I can't have it :( , The steady nights of sleep I developed when I first got pregnant.... I slept through the entire night the first month and a half-I never even heard him get out of bed at night! I also miss being able to "go all night".
Sleep: Feeling pretty great, still nap when I can.
What I am looking forward to: making sure they are still alive and kicking and being able to announce our pregnancy to the world!
Belly Button: In, I hope it stays that way! It actually hurts today for some weird reason.

Today I am 11w 1d, and feeling GREAT!

I had your typical signs of pregnancy in the beginning: DROP DEAD EXHAUSTION; and sore breasts.
On the 6th week, I was nauseous every morning at 5:00am, and then again at 10:30am, unless I ate something.
I threw up once then, after woofing down my lunch at work.
On my 7th week I was never nauseous, but threw up once or twice.
I wasn't nauseous again until my 9th week. My 9th week... every morning was rough, but tolerable. Once I threw up, I was good to go! I threw up like 6 times that week. I switched to a liquid breakfast to help, but that still came up. And it was truly "morning sickness". I only got ill in the mornings. I mean, as I post this, it can change tomorrow. LOL
My 10th week, again, threw up just a couple times.
I am really blessed (knock on wood), because there are tales out there that symptoms are exaggerated with twins.
So to only throw up 10 times in 11w 1d, is GREAT!

I had period type pains til about my 8th week or so. It's just things stretching to accommodate the babies.
My boobs are getting big. I was a 38DDD already! On my 10th week my veins really started to protrude through my boobs.

I mean, there are days that I don't "feel like" I am pregnant, but I also don't know what I am supposed to be feeling.

Why is My Pregnancy Such a Surprise? P.C.O.S.

In March 2010, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). I was devastated. I had ALWAYS wanted children, and was being told that if I was to try it, I'd have to get on medications and blah blah blah.
Well a year and a half later, and here I am: PREGNANT with NO help and while taking precautionary measures to NOT get pregnant! 
I was on the mini pill (birth control pill). This is a pill that you are to take everyday at the same exact time. And boy did I! I set my alarm to go off at 1:35am EVERY DAY, because I ALWAYS knew where I'd be after midnight.... in my bed. 

8/16/2011: Appointment with the O/B.

I had my appointment with the O/B. The moment he stepped foot into the office, I remembered why I hated him as my gynecologist.
Jason went with me, again! That was really cool to have him there with me. Though I bet if you asked the doctor what Jason looked like, he couldn't even tell you, because he never looked his way. 
This doctor is a weirdo, sounds/ behaves drunk, and isn't very professional.
I had to ask him all about my blood work.
He messed up during the visit and said "you and your baby" when there are TWO.
I walked out of there knowing I was going to switch O/Bs.
I can't have a long term relationship with something that is supposed to be caring for me and my babies.

8/8/2011 Announcing the "Double Trouble" to their Father! LOL!

I got out of the hospital and immediately called him. I said, "I have good news, and bad news". He said, "Just give it to me". I said, "Well our BABIES are very healthy". He thought I was kidding. I swore to him I wasn't. He said, "I'm gonna have a heart attack!! I'm going to have a stroke!! I'm going to go into convulsions!!!" Truly hilarious to hear him, but seriously it was quite the shocker!

8/8/2011: There's something about those "double" numbers:

On August 8th, I went in for a full pregnancy panel (bloodwork) and a full bladder for the ultrasound. I had a really cool ultrasound tech. She was moving the Doppler all across my lower stomach and she sings out, "I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOUUUU!" Well, me, thinking she is just being funny, is thinking she's going to say, "You're pregnant". INSTEAD................ she says, "YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I felt as if I levitated off the bed, snapped my head to the larger patient screen, and screamed, "WHAT?!?!!?" Then I saw them there, clear as day! I got to hear their heartbeats too!! I measured at 8w, right on schedule. Baby A's heartbeat was 186 and Baby B's heartbeat was 168. Both within PERFECT range for their age range.
The babies are in their own separate sacs. They are not identical.
Then she did the internal wand sonogram. That was really neat. Plus I had to have an empty bladder to do that one, which I didn't mind at all!

8/2/2011 First Visit with the Nurse Practitioner:

Jason went with me to my appointment. I was really happy to have him there. The NP was very nice, super funny and easy going. We just answered a lot of questions, and then she gave me a quick internal exam. She said I felt like 8 weeks, I was 7 at the time.
Because I got pregnant on the birth control pill, she set up a dating ultrasound to find out exactly how far along I was.

7/18/2011 AFTERNOON:

I went to Planned Parenthood, and they confirmed my pregnancy.
I was called into work, so I was not able to greet my boyfriend at home and talk about the pregnancy once he got out of work.

7/18/2011 Big FAT Positive!

I always kept a stash of pregnancy tests, and decided to pull one out considering I was one day late. Usually, once that happens, it summons my period, and I get it the next morning.

NEVER IN MY LIFE did I expect to pee on a stick, and see TWO lines! (cellphone pic)
Those lines came up so quickly!

I probably exclaimed "OH MY GOD" about a million times. Emotions ran wild. I was scared, happy, confused, shocked.... you name it, I felt it.
I called my lovely boyfriend to tell him the news. The way I announced it, was not how I pictured it to happen, just everything was so unexpected.