Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8/16/2011: Appointment with the O/B.

I had my appointment with the O/B. The moment he stepped foot into the office, I remembered why I hated him as my gynecologist.
Jason went with me, again! That was really cool to have him there with me. Though I bet if you asked the doctor what Jason looked like, he couldn't even tell you, because he never looked his way. 
This doctor is a weirdo, sounds/ behaves drunk, and isn't very professional.
I had to ask him all about my blood work.
He messed up during the visit and said "you and your baby" when there are TWO.
I walked out of there knowing I was going to switch O/Bs.
I can't have a long term relationship with something that is supposed to be caring for me and my babies.

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