Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today I am 11w 1d, and feeling GREAT!

I had your typical signs of pregnancy in the beginning: DROP DEAD EXHAUSTION; and sore breasts.
On the 6th week, I was nauseous every morning at 5:00am, and then again at 10:30am, unless I ate something.
I threw up once then, after woofing down my lunch at work.
On my 7th week I was never nauseous, but threw up once or twice.
I wasn't nauseous again until my 9th week. My 9th week... every morning was rough, but tolerable. Once I threw up, I was good to go! I threw up like 6 times that week. I switched to a liquid breakfast to help, but that still came up. And it was truly "morning sickness". I only got ill in the mornings. I mean, as I post this, it can change tomorrow. LOL
My 10th week, again, threw up just a couple times.
I am really blessed (knock on wood), because there are tales out there that symptoms are exaggerated with twins.
So to only throw up 10 times in 11w 1d, is GREAT!

I had period type pains til about my 8th week or so. It's just things stretching to accommodate the babies.
My boobs are getting big. I was a 38DDD already! On my 10th week my veins really started to protrude through my boobs.

I mean, there are days that I don't "feel like" I am pregnant, but I also don't know what I am supposed to be feeling.

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