Tuesday, September 20, 2011

14w Appointment; Met the New Doctor:

So I did change doctors. This new one is fine. Better than who I had. They took someone else by accident instead of me during my time yesterday, so I had to wait 45 minutes for the doc to see me.
They tested my thyroid over again because levels were different than what they had expected. But the results came back and everything was fine. I was told that I am having the perfect pregnancy. Which is great news. She told me that I am carrying a lot larger in the womb than someone having a singleton pregnancy at 14 weeks.... that's OBVIOUS! LOL! There are 2 in there. I got to hear their heartbeats again.
I was told that I get to have monthly ultrasounds to watch their progress. They are sending me to a different hospital that specializes in twin pregnancies with state of the art equipment--- this is just for the ultrasounds, unless I deliver before 36 weeks. I am fine with traveling to that hospital. I will be going to that hospital in 5 weeks- for them to monitor their growth, and on that day we get to find out the genders!!!
I was told that I have to gain 40 pounds and that I should stop working at 32 weeks. But we will play it by ear.