Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11/14/2011 22 Weeks Update:

WOW~ I am horrible at keeping this updated!!! As of yesterday I am 22 weeks along!! I am having fraternal twin girls!!!
On the afternoon of my 21st week, I felt them kick on the outside for my first time, and Jason was right there and got to experience it too! It was so cool! They haven't stopped kicking since! Well, I mean, of course they have, LOL, they do sleep (usually in the afternoons). I found myself awake that first night of the kicking from midnight til 3am, non stop. And a big sarcastic thumbs up when I say, "ohhh don't I love when they spin around and kick my bladder". LOL They have seriously kicked it hard enough for me to go, "oomph" out loud!!

I had my 22 week appointment yesterday! Things are still PERFECT! I CAN NOT BELIEVE I DIDN'T UPDATE THIS ON GENDER DISCOVERY DAY!! So, I will pause for a moment..... the day we went to our ultrasound, we were 19 weeks. Fifteen minutes into it, we discovered the first girl, then they kicked their feet at each other during a half an hour into it, then we found out the other was a girl, 15 minutes after that. Jason was there, and his sister was right there too. It was really cool! So real. I mean it still hasn't fully hit me at times, but I am warming up to the idea every day.
As for it being two girls, it is what Jason wanted, and that's cool, because his Aunt, who is younger than he is, was the first girl in 5 generations!! Then I think he has a cousin, then his daughter, and now our two!!
After the appointment, we went to Five Guys..... yummmmmmm!

So here I sit, 22w & 1d. Babies kickin' up a storm. It is sooooo hard to pick out names. I haven't even tried consulting with him yet.
Okay, back to my appointment yesterday. I got to hear their heartbeats, along with hearing them kick on the doppler. It was really cool. I have gained 6 pounds this past month, which makes 8 pounds total during the pregnancy. I got permission to use the elliptical, just can't let my heartbeat go over 150... or she might have said 145, I can't remember. Oops.
I am measuring at 27 weeks in the womb. It makes sense... there are two!
There was no trace of down syndrome in the babies, which we knew, we just wanted to have the test done, especially since insurance paid for it.

We have another ultrasound appointment this coming Tuesday, the 22nd. I will be 23w &1d. The tech didn't see all 4 chambers of Baby A's heart, but she wasn't too concerned as she was still pretty young. They are thinking everything is gonna be okay.

I stand at work the entire time, and my work recently purchased a bar stool for me to sit in to be more comfy, and in hopes to keep me employed there longer. I am so grateful!!

Friends, family, and coworkers have been amazing!! I couldn't ask for better.

Jason finally felt it was time to tell his ex on Sunday night- that we were expecting. She didn't take it well at all.  She swung at him, at his car, called him names, and told him he wasn't allowed to call there for his daughter. She is so childish and selfish.

Besides that, I couldn't ask for a more perfect pregnancy.

Ohhhhhh, I have had two pregnancy cravings. One day in like my 19th week, I had nachos with melted cheese and dipped them in peanut butter, bacon and banana all smashed up. DELICIOUS!!
Yesterday I had a Pay Day chocolate bar and Cheetos mixed together. YUMMMM
I really don't eat much junk food at all, and certainly not a lot of chocolate.

Okay, I'll wrap this up. Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Wonderful update Kati. I had wondered how things were going! I'm so thankful for blogspot, I tell ya! So it sounds like everything is really going well for you guys! Coming up with names are difficult. D and I went through several baby name books to get an idea as to what would sound well together as first and middle name goes and then combined it with our last name. It was hard to really feel solid on something for a bit of time but then we just kind of took our families names and combined them in a way that would make it seem more personable. Claire got her middle name from D's mom, and Claire's middle name (Ashley) is his cousin's first name and it just went together perfectly. Take your time with names hon, sometimes parents don't know the names until a couple of days after meeting their bundle of joy, or bundles of joy in your case. Sometimes names don't fit until you really have the opportunity to see the baby for the first time.
    Sounds like Jason's ex is a crazy freak. Man, what in the hell is wrong with her? She should be more supportive, not so damn defensive and immature. That's really a shame. She can't revoke Jason's rights to his daughter because he is her father and does take care of her as he should. Technically if she revokes rights, she can be considered to be stealing from him. Court systems need to get involved ASAP with that so that the situation can be taken care of maturely, and civilly.
    Sounds like your craving foods is right on target. Likely you'll look back on the cravings and be disgusted by them OR you'll want them in your time of grief. lol
    That's awesome that your job got you a stool. Man, when I was pregnant, I was a server and a cook and sitting was no option. I was like 15 weeks along and D came in to pick me up from work as I was walking out from the kitchen and I slipped, I didn't fall, but I definitely was close to falling. He was so concerned! We spoke about everything regarding how strenuous that job was and we both agreed that it would be best for me to leave and come back after having Claire.
    Keep up the great job your doing both health wise and job wise! It sounds like you're really doing great, girl! I'm proud of you!!
    P.S. When you have the chance, could you please send me your home address?
    Love you!