Friday, November 25, 2011

11/22/11: 23w 1d Sonogram:

Well, we showed up 15 minutes early, the doctor's office was PACKED, and we were told they were running 30 minutes behind. We went in about an hour later. FUN FUN.
The girls looked great. They saw all 4 chambers of baby A's heart. Baby B, on my left, was head down and feet up by my heart. Baby A was breach, and they quickly switched over to 4d to get a face shot of her. It was really cool. Baby A weighs 1lb4oz and Baby B is 1b1oz.
I have to have sonograms every 2-3 weeks now to keep an eye on their growth pattern. Unfortunately due to the 3 hour trip it takes to visit that office, I will be alternating between my regular hospital and that one. They'd prefer I stay with them, as they have the state of the art equipment. But they understand that I can't get there like that. Then in a few weeks from them, I go weekly for sonograms.

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